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Tower lights

The tower lights complete with a set of lamps, fed by a generating set, have been designed to provide a light source under particular ambient conditions, like building yards in tunnels or operations by night where no electric power is available.
 The chassis provides a protection for the genset and for the control panel, positioned for an easy reading. The telescopic tower supporting the set of lamps up to 20 m max height, made by various beams, slopes horizontally to get reduced overall dimensions during transport and storage. 
The tower can be lifted and lowered by means of an hydraulic system, which allows easy handling at any height. The lamps connecting cable winds automatically on a drum. The height and tilt of the lamps are easily adjustable. 
The electric control panel is designed in the manner to can control the partial or full lighting of the projectors, the system for climb and descent of the pole and has a coupling/ in accordance to the requirements of the customers/ to which can be connected electrical devices needing electrical power.
The lamp set is designed with a series of 4, 6 , 8 projectors with a power from 400 and 2000 Watt for any projector. The lamps can be halogen or metallic iodine.

The genset with power variable from 12 to 40 Kva  is protected by a canopy which can be sound proof on request. Whilst working the tower stands on extractable opposed pads complete with adjustable feet to match any kind of ground. There is a special structure connected to the mainframe and the casing containing the starting battery, the lamp reactors, the condensers, the fuel tank for 200 lt.

Eurogen standard tower lights

Altezza palo m Numero e potenza proiettori Watt Potenza Gruppo kVA Resistenza al vento km/h
1 TF12-9 9 4-6x400/4-6x1000 12 70
2 TF12-11 11 4-6x400/4-6x1000 12 70
3 TF12-15 15 4-6x400/4-6x1000 12 70
4 TF20-9 9 4-6x400/4-6x1000 20 70
5 TF20-11 11 4-6x400/4-6x1000 20 70
6 TF20-15 15 4-6x400/4-6x1000 20 70
7 TF30-9 9 4-6x400/4-6x1000 30 70
8 TF30-11 11 4-6x400/4-6x1000 30 70
9 TF30-15 15 4-6x400/4-6x1000 30 70


Torre faro montato su carrello a traino lento, con Gruppo elettrogeno da 20 kVA, n.6 proiettori alogeni da 1000 W e palo telescopico con altezza massima mt.11 N.2 Torri faro con particolare del quadro elettrico di comando e controllo montato a bordo
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